The Hawks did not have Nash and Stoudemire, a giant that had always been Joe - Johnson, which was part of Joe Johnson's team. Excellent performance of the team's identity, the Hawks in 2010 and Joe - Johnson signed 6 years, the contract value of 6 years 126 million US dollars. The first round of Arkansas from the top 10 players Jaromir Jagr Jersey, and finally in the Atlanta fame and fortune. And as a member of the Big Three to join the Nets David Perron Jersey, began to fight for the championship. Throughout the regular season, the Rockets three-point shot ratio reached a staggering 42.6%, which is far more than the league average. At the same time, their deterrent in the restricted area can not be underestimated, hit rate of 64.6%, ranking third in the league Carl Hagelin Jersey. As far as possible all the offensive on the outside of the arc and the basket, to maximize the efficiency of the score to ensure that this is the rocket general manager Morey's "magic ball theory." ?Bucks playoff first round opener to 97-83 victory over the Raptors Matt Murray Jersey, "letter brother" Yannis - Ade Quinco fully demonstrated his terrible physical talent, both Kevin - Durant's height, and Russell - Westbrook's athletic ability, really Greek geek.