In his sixteen years of his career, Joe Johnson did what most of the normal people would do: Now career into his later years, Joe - Johnson finally understand that a championship is his basketball career is the best footnote. During the rookie contract, Joe Johnson was struggling for his own survival. Rookie season was the Celtics traded to the sun, Joe - Johnson in order to survive in the NBA out of the body solution Brandon Sutter Jersey. The first season averaged 7.4 points, 3.3 rebounds, the second season averaged 9.8 points Mike Condon Jersey, 3.2 rebounds, the third season averaged 16.7 points, 4.7 rebounds, 4.4 assists, the fourth season averaged 17.1 points Bryan Trottier Jersey, 5.1 rebounds , 3.5 assists. During his rookie contract, Joe Johnson has been completely in the highly competitive NBA standing heels. Most of the regular season, the rocket usually only sent a traditional post player, such as Capella or inside. And Thunder is not the case, for them, the players inside the play is the key to their success factors. And for the rocket crazy outside attack, center Adams also put forward their own views. "We always have to focus on the game, play 100% of the energy, not just trying to stop them." Adams said, "they are always away from the three-point line shot shot, so we have to own The scope of defense and then expand some, on top of this, but also to strengthen the protection of the basket Joe Mullen Jersey, try to avoid fouls. Keep your position, according to plan the implementation of tactics, when you do this will happen when a good thing.